3 Steps to finding YOUR purpose

Divorce is a time that can rekindle this questioning. It can be a time of self-reflection and  you may realize that you no longer know “who you are”. And believe it or not, this can be a gift – it’s your time to “rediscover and recreate” yourself.

Turning ‘Pain into purpose’. The gift of my divorce

After moving to AZ and doing a lot of soul searching, I decided to leave investment management, get my CDFA designation  and switch my focus to working on saving families from the heart ache that mine endured. You see, the current system we have is broken. It treats a divorce like a criminal matter and it dehumanizes the entire family. Not just the nuclear family, but the extended family too. It is predicated on fear and scarcity. It turns people that once loved each other into adversaries. But I believe there is a better way.